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Volume XXXV • Issue 2/3 • 2019
Preview: Waste and Globalised Inequalities
Coloma 41088 - Doppelte Magnettafel mit Gestell und Ablage für die Stifte , grün und schwarz

Global capitalism and its transnational production networks have grown and changed drastically during the last three decades. This was coupled with an exponential growth, also of waste. The JEP special issue 2019-2/3 discusses waste from different theoretical and practical perspectives and with a focus on social, global inequalities. See COBI 1863 - Traktor aus der Action Town Serie - 200 Bausteine.

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Volume XXXIV • Issue 3/4 • 2018
Progressive Industrial Policy
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What is progressive industrial policy? How could it be benefit the Global South? Read more about different approaches to progressive industrial policy in the current JEP issue 2018-3/4 with contributions by Julia Eder, Etienne Schneider, Jan Grumiller, Juliana Gomes Campos, Rudy Weissenbacher, Anita Pelle und Sarolta Somosi.

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Combat Infantry – World War II Tactical Combat
Volume XXXV • Issue 1 • 2019
Comfy 25 Stück Wassernudel Kinder Schwimmnudel Pony mit Stimme 145 cm Rosa Luxemburg, Imperialism and the Globale Süden

The working class revolutionary leader and socialist theorist Rosa Luxemburg greatly contributed to the understanding of imperialism at the beginning of the 20th century. The JEP issue 2019-1 explores Luxemburgs analysis capitalist expansion and its persistent value for understanding socio-ecological conflicts. 

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Volume XXXV • Issue 1 • 2019

COBI 2458 - Baukästen, SU-76M, grün

The working class revolutionary leader and socialist theorist Rosa Luxemburg greatly contributed to the understanding of imperialism at the beginning of the 20th century. In The Accumulation of...
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Progressive Industrial Policy

The spread of neoliberalism has increasingly delegitimised (open) state intervention in the economy in many countries around the world. This ‘retreat of the state’ becomes visible in many different...
Comomingo SJR C F11 GPS 5G FPV 1080P Kamera 25 Minuten Flug Brushless Faltbare RC Drone (Schwarz) Volume XXXIII • Issue 4 • 2017

Middle Class in Latin America

Compass Games Hearts and Minds Vietnam 1965-1975, 3rd Edition Fewer people living in poverty than in the ‘golden mean’ of society – Latin America has finally transformed itself into a middle class region. At least that is the opinion held by some World Bank...
Volume XXXIII • Issue 2 • 2017

Social Innovation and the Transformation of Welfare States

The concept of social innovation has gained prominence in the international policy making community throughout the last ten years, particularly in the European Union. It is highly ambiguous, with...
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